How Can You Make Custody Transitions Less Stressful For Everyone?

Whether you’re still working out your custody agreement with your co-parent or you already have it in place, the reality of it is not as black and white as the words on the page. Even when both parents abide by the parenting schedule, transitioning kids between homes takes some getting used for everyone. Regardless of whether you both have relatively […]

Five Signs of Oncoming Marital Problems

There are many small signs in life that indicate how the future will unfold. If you worry your partner isn’t saying what they truly feel or believe something is wrong with your marriage, then you may need to keep your eyes open. Here are five indicators that there may be problems in your marriage: 1. You and your spouse don’t […]

How To Tell Your Adult Children That You’re Divorcing

You and your spouse considered getting a divorce years ago. Because your children were so young, you agreed to wait until the children were grown. Though your children are now adults, telling them that you are getting a divorce may still be difficult. That’s why It’s very important that you and your spouse talk with them together.  Approach the discussion […]

You Will Survive the Trauma of Divorce

If your spouse just blindsided you with the words “we need to talk,” or worse, served you with divorce papers, you might be reeling from the turn of events. Divorce can indeed be a traumatizing experience in one’s life. Right now, you may feel completely unmoored and unsure of your next move. Below are some tips to help you move […]