Quality Representation Regarding Modification Of Existing Divorce And Family Law Orders.

In Utah, the law recognizes that life is filled with changes and that child custody and support arrangements cannot be set in stone. Post-divorce modification is an option, as is modification of child custody and support arrangements following a paternity action. If you have encountered a change in circumstances that requires a change in parenting plans or child support payments, the attorneys at Greenwood & Black in Provo are here for you.

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When Can You Make Changes?

While child support and custody arrangements are changeable, modifications require a significant change in life circumstances. In the case of child support, this typically means a change in income. Perhaps the payer has gotten a promotion or a higher-paying job and that should be reflected in higher child support payments. Perhaps the payer has lost his or her job or been forced to take a lower-paying job and that should be reflected in lower payments.

Child custody modifications may be driven by a change in schedule for one of the parents or other unforeseen changes in circumstances. Our lawyers will review the situation and help you pursue a new child custody and visitation plan that makes sense for you and your family. We have 30 years of experience handling these family law cases.

We also handle enforcement actions and contempt of court. If one side has failed to fulfill his or her end of the agreements, we can take action. If you have been accused of not doing what you are supposed to, we can help you review remedies, including modification of current arrangements so that they match your new circumstances.

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