Representation For High-Asset Divorces

Under any circumstances, divorce is a massive upheaval of what you expected from your future. For couples with substantial assets, divorce is a considerable risk to the fortune you’ve built.

At Greenwood & Black, we understand the risks ahead of you. People pursuing divorce in Provo have come to us because of our reputation, attentiveness and advocacy. Each of our attorneys has 30 years of experience, and we focus exclusively on family law. We can guide you through your high-asset divorce with confidence.

Skilled Guidance For Complex Asset Issues

One of the most critical issues in a high-asset divorce is the matter of the division of the marital estate. This can include assets such as:

  • Primary residences
  • Vacation homes
  • Business assets
  • Vehicles
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry
  • Investments such as stocks and bonds
  • Retirement accounts, including 401(k) and 403(b) accounts

However, because Utah follows an “equitable distribution” law for property division, the final division may not be even between the divorcing spouses.

The courts consider many factors to determine how to divide the marital estate, including length of the marriage, need, age of the parties and the relative income of both spouses. The court seeks to create a fair result for both parties.

While high-asset divorces often include complex asset portfolios, valuation issues often attach to a variety of holdings. The value of many assets may not be as clear as looking at a publicly traded stock on a specific date. It is important that the family law firm you choose has experience in a wide range of complex disputes regarding closely-held business interests, real estate holdings, art, and the range of investments that populate a diverse asset structure. Greenwood & Black is that firm. We know how to evaluate the evidence — including analysis of when an expert, such as a forensic accountant or valuation professional is necessary to assess the asset and present testimony for evidence in complex litigation.

We Pursue What’s Fair For You

Our lawyers have decades of experience in Utah family law issues. We use that experience to advocate for the fair share of the life you built. We are efficient, effective and zealous in pursuing an outcome that meets your goals.

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