Divorce And Family Law Lawyers Adept At Handling Property Division Cases

In Utah divorce cases, assets must be divided equitably. Equitable means fair. In some cases, it is fair to divide property equally. For example, in a long-term marriage in which both spouses have similar incomes, property may be divided 50-50. In other cases, however, it may actually be fair for one spouse to get a larger portion of the property.

At Greenwood & Black in Provo, our attorneys are committed to getting you a fair outcome. With 30 years of divorce and family law experience on our side, we know the nuances of asset division and can help you get your fair share no matter how large or small the marital estate may be.

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Marital Property And Nonmarital Property

One of the first issues that must be addressed is protecting your nonmarital property. Nonmarital property includes property you owned prior to the marriage. This property is not subject to asset division. We will take great care to identify your separate property and make certain it is protected from asset division during your divorce.

This issue can be very complex. Perhaps you bought a house and made most of the payments prior to getting married, but the house was paid off during your marriage. Our lawyers are skilled at addressing these complicated issues and protecting what is yours.

What Assets Do You Need To Protect?

We are adept at handling cases involving substantial or unique assets. Maybe the focal point in your case will be the family home. Maybe you are a doctor with a professional practice, or you co-own a business with your spouse or you own out-of-state parcels of real estate. We will listen to you and identify the property that is most important. We will create a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals.

Discuss Your Property Division Questions With An Experienced Attorney

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