Protecting Your Interests In Child Support Matters

Everyone agrees that it costs money to raise a child. The amount required, however, is often a source of tension. Thankfully, Utah uses clear child support guidelines that dictate payment amounts. This minimizes the opportunities for disputes.

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Child Support Calculation

There are two main factors that need to be considered when calculating child support. The first is the parenting plan. How much time is the child spending with each parent? The more time the payee spends with the child, the more likely that larger child support payments will be necessary to cover all of the costs associated with caring for the child. If parenting time is split equally, child support payments may be smaller or unnecessary.

The other major factor that goes into child support payments is the income level of each parent. If there is an imbalance, such as in a scenario in which the payee was a stay-at-home parent who did not work and is now just entering the workforce, child support payments will be important for ensuring that the child’s financial needs are met.

Child Support Enforcement

If you are the target of an enforcement action because you have not been making payments, our lawyers can educate you about your options for catching up or making modifications to child support arrangements. If you have not received child support payments, you can get free assistance from the Office of Recovery Services.

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