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Whether a child custody case is related to a divorce or separation or a paternity action, the guiding principle is the same: to do what is in the best interest of the child. The law wants child custody arrangements to allow the child to spend time with both parents, as study after study have shown that this is what is best for the child. Only in rare situations will one parent not be allowed to spend a significant amount of time with the child.

Types Of Child Custody

Child custody can be broken down into legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody dictates which parent will have the power to make important decisions on the child’s behalf, including decisions regarding medical care, education and religion. More often than not, this comes in some form of joint legal custody, in which both parents will have input.

Physical custody addresses where the child will sleep. Joint physical custody is an option in which the child spends at least 111 nights a year with each parent. Sole physical custody grants one parent, referred to as the custodial parent, the role of primary caregiver, and it is this parent’s house the child will call home. Sole physical custody does not necessarily mean that only one parent will spend time with the child, although that is a possibility if spending time with the other parent puts the child in danger. More often than not, the noncustodial parent will have visitation time to spend with the child.

Split custody may apply in cases in which there are multiple children involved. This is when some of the children live with the mother, while others live with the father.

Child Custody And Relocation

Disputes often arise when one parent wants to move away with the child. Each of our lawyers has 30 years of experience handling these complex disputes. Whether you want to take your child out of state to live with you, or you are worried because the child’s other parent wants to move away and you want the child to remain in your state, we can help.

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