Attorney Guidance Regarding Divorce And Legal Separation

People often consider legal separation as an alternative to divorce. Perhaps they want to use legal separation as a first step toward a divorce. Perhaps there are legal reasons for pursuing this alternative instead of divorce. More often than not, divorce is a better solution. It is important to choose an experienced attorney to help you explore your options.

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The Difference Between Divorce And Legal Separation

The biggest difference between divorce and legal separation is that legally separated spouses are still married. They maintain most of the rights and responsibilities that come with marriage. However, they have the option to separate their lives in a manner similar to divorce.

In a legal separation, just like in a divorce, you can divide assets and establish spousal support payments, child custody arrangements and child support payments. Each of the spouse’s new rights and obligations will be documented in a decree of legal separation. At Greenwood & Black, our lawyers can assist with all of these issues and create an effective document.

Even though you and your spouse will remain married and may still get along fairly well, it is possible that disputes arise during the legal separation process. Our family law attorneys have 30 years of experience resolving these disputes. We will strive to resolve them in the most amicable manner possible, but we also have the ability to pursue litigation if needed. Our goal is always to seek the outcome that is best for you.

Is A Legal Separation Right For You?

We will review your case. Once we understand all of the facts, we will educate you about the pros and cons of legal separation as opposed to divorce. If you choose to legally separate now, we can assist later if you choose to complete a divorce. If divorce makes more sense, we can help you through the process.

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