How Can You Make Custody Transitions Less Stressful For Everyone?

Whether you’re still working out your custody agreement with your co-parent or you already have it in place, the reality of it is not as black and white as the words on the page. Even when both parents abide by the parenting schedule, transitioning kids between homes takes some getting used for everyone. Regardless of whether you both have relatively […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Guardian For Your Children

Ideally, you’ll be around long enough to see your kids get well into their adulthood. However, there is no harm in being prepared for every possible situation. Accidents happen, and so do illnesses.  One step you might consider taking is nominating a legal guardian for your children. Essentially, this means naming a person that will be responsible for them until […]

When Stability Matters For the Kids, Birdnesting is an Option

As you get divorced, all you’re thinking about is what will be best for your children. You want them to be happy, and you know that stability really helps children feel content. A divorce is already going to upset their stable view of the world, but moving out of the family home could make that even worse. That’s why you’re […]

Can Parents Spend Specific Holidays With Their Kids Post-Divorce?

The idea that divorce might lead to a lengthy separation from one’s children is often one of the reasons that people stay in miserable marriages. They tell themselves that any sacrifice is worthwhile if they get to see their children every day. They may not stop to think about how their stress levels might affect the children or how their […]

Four Reasons You May Need A Custody Modification

Many parents fear that a child custody order can’t be changed once it’s made.  However, a child custody order may be changed with a reasonable cause. While not every cause may lead to an altered custody order, the following are a few that may: 1. Relocation Possibly one of the most common reasons for an updated child custody order happens […]

How To Tell Your Adult Children That You’re Divorcing

You and your spouse considered getting a divorce years ago. Because your children were so young, you agreed to wait until the children were grown. Though your children are now adults, telling them that you are getting a divorce may still be difficult. That’s why It’s very important that you and your spouse talk with them together.  Approach the discussion […]

Has You Ex Begun Interfering in Your Relations With the Kids?

Most parents will find shared custody challenging when they first separate or decide to divorce. However, the vast majority of parents will eventually find ways to cooperate with each other for the well-being of their children. With the exception of situations involving neglect or abuse, children typically need the love and support of both parents while adjusting to life after […]

Custody Considerations For Special Needs Children

Having a child who’s medically fragile or who has special needs is often challenging for the parents. In some cases, the parents will go through a divorce. Trying to work out a child custody arrangement for a child who has special needs isn’t always easy.  There are many factors that parents of children with special needs must consider for child […]

How is Child Custody Determined in Utah?

When Utah couples divorce, one of the most important subjects they will need to address is the child’s custody and living arrangements going forward. And as you can imagine, child custody can be a contentious subject, especially if parents cannot put the best interests of the child ahead of their own.  However, with the right help (from an independent mediator […]

Child Support Orders Are Enforceable in Utah

The switch from a double-income to a single-income household after divorce can make it difficult or even impossible for one parent to handle everything alone, more so from a financial perspective. Therefore, it can get pretty frustrating when your co-parent fails to pay child support as ordered by the court.  Fortunately, court-ordered child support orders are not optional and can […]