Most of our clients retain us to handle their matter from start to finish. In some cases, though, our clients prefer to save money in their divorce case by representing themselves., but they need advice or assistance from time to time. Rather than hire an attorney to handle your entire matter, you may prefer to just pay a lawyer to handle a particular task, such as consulting with you about your divorce strategy, getting advice on how to procedurally handle your family law matter, preparing a document for your case, appearing for a particular hearing, coaching you on what to argue at a hearing, helping with a specific discovery procedure, representing you at trial or pretrial, or otherwise providing some other assistance that you need as you represent yourself.

If you will be handling your own divorce because you cannot afford to hire an attorney, consider unbundling our services into small, financially manageable segment, and pay for just the help you need, without paying a large retainer.

Contact our office to schedule a time to mee, and just pay for what you need. You can reach Greenwood & Black at our Provo, Utah office by calling 801-377-4652