Preparing Your Prenuptial/Premarital Agreement Correctly

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement, is simply a contract. It can dictate what will happen financially in the event of a divorce, if one were to occur. It does not mean that a divorce is expected. It does not mean that one party is selfish. Those are myths. In fact, most of the myths about these contracts distract from what a prenuptial agreement actually does: provide protection to both spouses, just in case.

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How To Create An Effective Prenuptial Agreement

At Greenwood & Black, our divorce lawyers have 30 years of experience crafting prenuptial agreements for individuals in Provo and throughout Utah County. We know that the first step for creating a successful contract is to be honest and comprehensive. You must disclose all of your assets, and you must be honest about what you want to protect the most.

Are there certain assets that you want to make certain stay in your family so they can be passed down to your children from a previous marriage? Whatever the case may be, we find that being upfront about these issues not only creates a strong contract, but also becomes a positive communication experience for the spouses-to-be. We will carefully guide you through this process.

Once all of the information is on the table, we will proceed to the creation of the contract. The language must be clear. There must be no ambiguities. Anything that is unclear could create an opportunity for a dispute if the prenuptial agreement actually has to be used. We hope that the document will not have to be used, but if it is, our goal is to make certain that it cannot be contested and that it holds up in court.

Our attorneys encourage you to plan for the best. Plan for a long and healthy marriage. Divorce is a worst-case scenario, but it is always a possibility. Create a prenuptial agreement to make certain that you are protected if a divorce becomes necessary.

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