Five Signs of Oncoming Marital Problems

There are many small signs in life that indicate how the future will unfold. If you worry your partner isn’t saying what they truly feel or believe something is wrong with your marriage, then you may need to keep your eyes open.

Here are five indicators that there may be problems in your marriage:

1. You and your spouse don’t spend quality time together

Do you remember when you and your spouse used to go to your favorite restaurant, hike on the weekends, watch movies together, play the same games or spend an evening putting together a puzzle? Not anymore? Losing quality time with your spouse may be causing a drift in your marriage.

2. You don’t feel comfortable talking to your spouse

You may be finding it harder to talk to your spouse recently. Problems in your marriage may be creating communication problems – or ending communication altogether.

3. Your spouse is being secretive about their phone usage

Is your spouse hiding what they do on their phone, who they text or what they post on social media? This may be an indicator that your spouse is trying to keep something from you that may impact your marriage.

4. Your spouse is drinking more

Many people use chemical substances to push away their feelings. There may be things your spouse isn’t acknowledging in your marriage, causing them to drink more around you.

5. Your friends see problems in your marriage before you do

Sometimes it’s good to have an outside perspective on your life. You may find your friends have spoken up about issues in your marriage that you didn’t previously see. This may be a sign that there are obvious issues in your marriage that you’ve just been unwilling to acknowledge.

If you’re having problems in your marriage, then it may be time to consider your options. Some people find divorce is their best course of action when dealing with marital problems.