Helping You Understand Paternity Proceedings.

A paternity action is the gateway that unmarried mothers and fathers must pass through before they can exercise their parental rights in relation to child custody and support.

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Your Rights And Obligations

It is important to understand that mothers’ and fathers’ rights come with obligations. When paternity is established, the custodial parent will have the right to request the noncustodial parent to pay child support. The noncustodial parent will also have the right to request parenting time.

Our attorneys represent both mothers and fathers in paternity actions. If you are an unwed mother, we can help you establish paternity, and then we can move forward in pursuit of child support payments, while educating you about the possibility that the father may request child visitation. If you are an unwed father, we can help you establish paternity, and then we can explore your options for being a part of your child’s life. We will also educate you about your child support obligations and help ensure that your payments are fair.

Is A DNA Test Necessary?

A DNA test is not required if the father acknowledges paternity. However, we frequently recommend that DNA testing be done in order to ensure certainty and to prevent future disputes. It is a relatively small step that comes with the benefit of certainty.

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