Dividing Retirement And Pension Accounts

Retirement is something you’ve worked your entire life for, but divorce at any point can add a wrinkle to the retirement you wanted to have. To navigate these matters in a way that works for you requires the attention of skilled, attentive attorneys.

With 30 years of experience each, the attorneys of Greenwood & Black have built a reputation for dedication and attentiveness to clients across Utah going through a divorce. Retirement asset division is one of the most complicated issues in family law. We have assisted many clients with this. Similarly, our attorneys have addressed the complex issues attendant to military retirement accounts and military benefits in family court. No matter the unique circumstances of your individual situation, we can guide you through to a positive resolution.

Why Is Retirement Asset Division So Difficult?

Retirement assets are challenging to divide for many reasons. Often, they may commingle separate and marital property, meaning such scenarios as:

  • You started your retirement account before marriage.
  • You funded your retirement with an inheritance.
  • Your retirement fund is a gift.

If, at any point, you contributed to your retirement accounts with assets derived from your marriage, dividing the assets equitably becomes exceptionally complicated.

Additionally, many people have pensions or employer-provided retirement accounts. Federal law governs employer-provided retirement accounts, and dividing these assets requires a court order.

Executive Compensation Packages And Deferred Compensation Issues

Not every compensation package or retirement account fits within a tidy box. Many employment arrangements or business owner compensation packages may include additional incentives, perks and complex deferred compensation structures. Your lawyer needs to have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the details of each asset, as well as how complex issues are addressed under Utah divorce law. Stock options, future interests and deferred compensation may involve vested interests, as well as partially vested or completely unvested interests. Our lawyers have the deep family law experience and financial acumen to protect your interests in complex and high-asset divorce litigation.

Experienced, Confident Legal Guidance

With the many complexities of retirement asset division, you must find representation up to the challenge. We have resolved these issues before for many clients, and we can work with you to build a solution that meets your goals.

Our commitment to personal service means we never lose sight of what you value most. We work as hard as possible to gain your trust and fight for what you deserve in your divorce.

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