Four Reasons You May Need A Custody Modification

Many parents fear that a child custody order can’t be changed once it’s made. 

However, a child custody order may be changed with a reasonable cause. While not every cause may lead to an altered custody order, the following are a few that may:

1. Relocation

Possibly one of the most common reasons for an updated child custody order happens because one of the parents is moving. The parent who is moving may have difficulties performing their duties and obligations and lose time with their child. The other reason there may be an alteration is if the move negatively impacts the child. However, a move may not be a significant enough change for any alteration to be made. 

2. Refusal to follow the order

Parents often spend days and weeks working out a child custody order that works for everyone. However, there may be a parent who doesn’t want to follow the plans laid out. When this happens, it may create hardship for the other parent and possibly even the child, which may result in an altered custody order.

3. Job changes

Employment may be the cause for an updated custody order in two ways. First, a parent may have a new job and its hours don’t align with the original custody order, which may create issues during visitation. Second, a parent may have recently lost their job. This might put pressure on a parent who can’t provide for their child’s needs.

4. The child’s needs have changed

Oftentimes, a child custody order will need to be updated naturally. In other words, as a child grows up, their needs and wants will change. Parents may have to consider updating a custody order to fit in new school schedules, medical changes or a child’s interests.

Parents often need to learn about their legal options when filing a custody order change.