Understanding the Financial Impact of a Gray Divorce

Divorce can happen at all ages. Even individuals who have been married for several decades may discover they are no longer happy in their marriage.  Today, people over age 50 are divorcing more and more often, and, as a result, the term “gray divorce” has been created to describe this. Those going through a gray divorce face unique issues compared […]

Should You Keep the House in Your Divorce?

Divorce is never an easy decision. The decisions you make during the divorce can have lasting effects on both parties, especially regarding issues such as deciding who gets to keep the house. If you’re on the fence about keeping or selling your home, here are a few things to consider. The pros and cons of keeping the house in a […]

Child Support Orders Are Enforceable in Utah

The switch from a double-income to a single-income household after divorce can make it difficult or even impossible for one parent to handle everything alone, more so from a financial perspective. Therefore, it can get pretty frustrating when your co-parent fails to pay child support as ordered by the court.  Fortunately, court-ordered child support orders are not optional and can […]

You Will Survive the Trauma of Divorce

If your spouse just blindsided you with the words “we need to talk,” or worse, served you with divorce papers, you might be reeling from the turn of events. Divorce can indeed be a traumatizing experience in one’s life. Right now, you may feel completely unmoored and unsure of your next move. Below are some tips to help you move […]

How Much of Your Retirement Savings Will You Lose in a Divorce?

When you file for divorce, you likely accept that you will lose some of your personal property. Under the equitable distribution rules applied in Utah divorces, you and your spouse both have an interest in marital income and any other assets acquired during your marriage. The longer you remained married and the closer you are to retirement age, the more […]

Fault And No-Fault Divorces In Utah

Utah residents do not have to provide a reason for divorcing in the state. They have the right to file a no-fault divorce because of “irreconcilable differences.” Many couples in the state choose this after growing apart or not having the same interests anymore. Also, claiming irreconcilable differences is the simplest way to file for and get divorced. Reasons someone […]

Young Marriages Lead To Higher Divorce Rates

Have you ever wondered about the ideal age to get married? Statisticians have also considered this, from the perspective of divorce rates. When they looked at it, what they found was that the ideal age for marriage was 32. Essentially, this was just the age for a first marriage where the odds of divorce were the lowest. Prior to 32, […]

Has Your Child Become Distant Post-Divorce?

You and your ex took the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was the best thing for your family in the long run. While you and your ex might be able to see this, it is not always an easy scenario for your children to digest.  As you are settling into the new custody […]

Should You Close A Bank Account When Filing For Divorce?

If you are like most married couples, you and your spouse probably have a joint bank account. Maybe you set it up when you got married. Both of you have informed your employers about this account, so your direct deposits end up in the same place. Everything in the account is a shared asset. However, if you decide to get […]

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