Can Music Help You Predict a Divorce?

If your marriage is going badly, you might turn your thoughts to a divorce. Before you say anything to your spouse, you might want to seek external guidance to see if your belief that the marriage is beyond retrieval is correct.

Talking to friends or a therapist is one way. Yet sometimes, there are subtler indicators that can help you decide without involving anyone else.

Your taste in music is one way

If you love Chicago and your husband is into Shania Twain and Michael Bublé, it’s a good indicator that your marriage may be doomed. A recent survey found that relationships between couples with vastly different music tastes only had a 2% chance of surviving. By contrast, those with similar tastes experienced better communication, emotional connection and overall relationship satisfaction.

Why does music matter?

Here is why music is so important in a relationship.

  • Shared moments: All marriages will have hard times, and it is the positive energy and memories built up by happy shared moments that get you through them. You will likely have more of those if you like the same music. For instance, going to concerts together, singing along to a favorite tune on a road trip, or chilling to music on the couch on a Sunday morning.
  • Little irritations: As marriages go on, couples find it harder to ignore the things about their partner that irritate them. Unless you both walk around with headphones, it is hard to ignore each other’s musical tastes. The battle to control the car stereo or kitchen radio could soon develop into much more.

If you think your marriage is coming to an end, seek legal help to find out more about how divorce works and how you can start living life to your own tune.